Bringing the campus data together to understand the big picture.

Facility Utilization Dashboard

Use this dashboard to compare facilities' existing acreage and square footage to current Enrollment. This current Enrollment may then be compared to the current Capacity of the facility. By comparing these metrics, we can analyze what facilities may be overcrowded in comparison to their cohort peers.

Facility Repair Cost Analysis

OUSD facilities will face repair needs over the next 20 years.
Use this dashboard to understand the expected needs of each facility and the expected timeframe for these needs.

Enrollment Projections Dashboard

OUSD schools will experience changes in enrollment over the coming years.
Use this dashboard to compare current Enrollment to projected Enrollment per campus and cohort. This helps us analyze what the future needs of the district may be in relation to enrollment numbers and plan accordingly.

Demographic Report

View the District Demographics Report.

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Equity-Based Assessments

Comparing Student Need, Facility Conditions, and Educational Adequacy across campus and cohorts.
Use this to analyze what facilities may need to be prioritized based on student need and desired educational standards.

Student Need Scores shows us a unified score that brings together important student metrics, like how many students are socioeconomically disadvantaged at a school. This score allows us to make decisions about what schools have the greatest need from a student-support standpoint. The higher the number, the greater the need.

Facility Condition Index scores shows us the general condition of all buildings in the facility. In this case, the higher the score, the more repairs and updates are required for that facility.

Education Adequacy scores help us analyze what facilities may need to be prioritized based on desired educational standards such as Fitness, Experiential Learning, and more. In this case, the higher the score the better. It means our schools are meeting students' educational needs.

District-wide Options

Priority District-wide options and Immediate Repairs needed per facility.

Master Plan Cost Analysis

Provide an in-depth analysis of the FMP Option costs for each campus and the funding available.

Survey Results

View results from out District-wide stakeholder's survey.

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