Dining space will incorporate the outdoors, make the indoors more restaurant-like and inviting with views of nature, enhanced acoustics and seating variety. At Chavez Middle School in OUSD, there is a strong relationship between the indoors and outdoors through bringing in quality daylight throughout the space. Using the outdoors and bell schedule adjustments will provide students with more time and space to enjoy the social emotional aspects of dining.

The Ed Specs serve to illustrate concepts that will inform the master plans based on OUSD's aspirations to the audience of future architects who will implement them as well as for OUSD stakeholders to understand the reasoning behind modernizations.

Outdoor Dining

Are there a variety of shaded seating options outside?

Dispersed Outdoor Dining

Providing a variety of different options for students to receive food. Consider food kiosks dispersed throughout campus.

Sierra High School l Manteca Unified School District

Outdoor Dining and Play

Exterior access to outdoor dining at the elementary levels, provide easy access to hard play. Assure restrooms and sinks for handwashing are immediately accessible.