Create opportunities for specialized learning by adding a nutrition lab and school garden, or by placing health sciences and fitness classrooms near the indoor dining areas at upper grade levels. OUSD will work with community partners in after-school programs to elevate nutrition education to support the movement for healthier eating.

The Ed Specs serve to illustrate concepts that will inform the master plans based on OUSD's aspirations to the audience of future architects who will implement them as well as for OUSD stakeholders to understand the reasoning behind modernizations.

Nutritional Education

Is there indoor "kitchen lab" type space adjacent to dining space to learn how to prepare healthy meals? Can it also serve as a multi-purpose space for community to use to store and prepare food for events?


Culinary Arts Labs

At the high school level, are there labs for learning Culinary Arts as well as life skills?

Student Gardens

Are there gardens where students can grow food and understand the farm to fork connection? Is there outdoor space to learn how to prepare healthy meals? Examples of schools at OUSD with gardens include Del Rio ES, Ivey Ranch ES, Libby MS, Lincoln MS, Mission ES, Oceanside HS, Palmquist ES, and Stuart Mesa K-8.

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