Small Learning Communities (SLC's) provide a variety of spaces to support multiple learning styles while simultaneously acknowledging every student has different needs. "Extended Classrooms" is a term used to cover areas that are outdoors or indoors with a clear line of sight for teachers to supervise students.  OUSD uses the term "Extended Classrooms" instead of just classrooms to move away from the connotation of traditional classrooms that are only set up for lecture-based learning. These spaces serve to propel both of OUSD's LCAP goals related to College and Career Readiness and creating safe and positive learning environments.

Note: Educational specifications are used to illustrate design strategies and concepts that will inform master plans to illustrate OUSD's aspirations and pedagogical vision. Images seen illustrating these design strategies will not appear exactly as the spaces will be designed.

The Ed Specs serve to illustrate concepts that will inform the master plans based on OUSD's aspirations to the audience of future architects who will implement them as well as for OUSD stakeholders to understand the reasoning behind modernizations.