Provide Highly Specialized Labs for active learning on a daily basis. OUSD will give purpose to students and staff through real-world skills and hands-on training. Students will learn how to develop their own resumes and interview for jobs. OUSD provides access to 10 industry high quality career pathways programs including: arts, media, and entertainment, engineering and architecture, energy, environment and utilities, education, child development, and family services, information and communication technologies, transportation, health science and medical technology, hospitality and recreation public services, and building trades and construction.

The Ed Specs serve to illustrate concepts that will inform the master plans based on OUSD's aspirations to the audience of future architects who will implement them as well as for OUSD stakeholders to understand the reasoning behind modernizations.

3D Printing

Are there tools such as 3D Printing for low-fi prototyping?

Digital Design

Is there technology to support ideating digitally, not just with physical artifacts?


Are there storage rooms, teacher preparation rooms, or casework?


Does the space provide adequate space and furniture to encourage collaboration and teamwork?


Are there storage rooms, teacher preparation rooms, or casework?

Outdoor  Connection

Are there opportunities for indoor spaces to connect to outdoor learning environments?

Learning on Display

Highly visible to all learners. Design walls for learning on display and passive supervision.

Arts and Science Labs

Consider placement near or adjacent to Visual Arts and Science Labs to create more opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, such as the “Da Vinci” approach to integrating arts and science.


Provide easy access for receiving equipment and materials. Consider direct access to the exterior using extra wide openings.